Grass-Fed Beef

Cows are ruminants, and they evolved over millions of years to eat grass. Grass and other forage plants that ruminants munch on are difficult to digest, hence the evolution of their special stomach, the rumen, which helps break down these plants through special microorganisms and fermentation. Furthermore, the grass does not enter the rumen until … Continue reading Grass-Fed Beef

Slow Food

To counteract the rising tide of industrially produced low-quality food for global consumers, the “Slow Food” movement began in Italy in 1986, fittingly, through a protest at a proposed site for a Mcdonald’s in Rome.  Slow Food aims to change global food supply chains that are damaging both to the environment and to human health. … Continue reading Slow Food

Diabetes History

Ancient Egypt Bakery

Diabetes has been recognized as a medical problem for thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt a condition described by excessive urination, thirst and weight loss was described in hieroglyphics on papyrus; what today we would call type 1 diabetes. Astute physicians at the time prescribed diets of whole grains to limit the symptoms, a revelation modern researchers … Continue reading Diabetes History