Defeat Diabetes Foundation Takes Honors at Television Red Carpet Awards

Wall Street to Main Street Receives Award in Studio Production Category

Newton, MA – In July, 2006, Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes® passed through his hometown of Newton Massachusetts on his Wake Up and Walk® Tour. While there, he conducted a rare 30 minute in-studio interview on the set of Wall Street to Main Street, a Newton Television program produced and hosted by Robert Zakon.

“Diabetes is such an insidious and epidemic problem that I knew this represented a real opportunity to provide life saving information to the community” said Zakon. “The interview was incredibly powerful and filled with no nonsense information critically important for families. The end result was one that I felt was worthy of consideration for an award” said Zakon. He submitted his show for consideration in the Red Carpet Awards Competition held annually in Newton Massachusetts.

In June, 2007, Robert Zakon – Zakon Productions received the good news that the show won an Honorable Mention, one of two awards given in the Public Access Television Division – Studio Production Category. “I’m obviously honored and thrilled that we were selected for this award. We were up against some very stiff competition, and we’re extremely pleased with the results” said Zakon.

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes® commented “This was a really wonderful opportunity to delve into the subject in depth in a televised format. I’ve done hundreds of television interviews on the Wake Up and Walk® Tour but many of them are short in duration and we don’t get a chance to touch on so many aspects related to the prevention of the disease.” “The award is a great validation of the message that we’ve been out there delivering for years and we’re gratified to be a part of it and work with such an amazing crew” he continued.

The entire show can viewed on Defeat Diabetes Foundation website at:

Wall Street to Main Street – Running Time 29 Minutes

  • Producer – Robert Zakon – Zakon Productions
  • Lawrence Haber – Director
  • Writer – Dawn Swidorski
  • Guest – Andrew P. Mandell – Mr. Diabetes® – Executive Director, Defeat Diabetes Foundation

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