Honey a Possible Alternative Burn Treatment - Archived Post

Mild to moderate burns may benefit from the administrations of honey. Honey was shown in a recent study to compare favorably to traditional burn treatments, such as gauze and film “dressings.”

Honey has been used for thousands of years, worldwide, for both spiritual and medicinal purposed. Recent research has focused on honey as an alternative antibacterial treatment. While these antibacterial properties are likely part responsible for the observed expedited burn-healing observed in the current study, there is now the thought that honey might repair or regenerate tissue.

The study was a comprehensive analysis of 19 previous studies of 2,554 patients with varying types of wounds, ranging from burns to surgical. With mild to moderate burns, it was actually observed that honey was more effective in healing wounds than typical film dressings. There was no noticeable effect of honey on more severe burns, or with surgical wounds. ulcers, or lacerations.

This study is not conclusive but lays the groundwork for further research. Lead researcher Dr. Andrew Jull explains that “we’re treating these results with caution, but it looks like honey can help speed up healing in some burns.”

Source: Defeat Diabetes Foundation: Jull, Andrew. Beal, Jennifer. Cochrane Library news release. October 2008.

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