Mr. Diabetes® Achieves Milestone

Mr. Diabetes® Earns President’s Challenge Active Lifestyle Gold Award

Detroit Lakes, MN – Today was another stellar day for Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes® and Executive Director of the Defeat Diabetes Foundation. Andy has walked 5464 miles of his 10,000+ mile tour of the perimeter of the United States to raise awareness about diabetes. He has achieved, yet, another milestone along his journey. His continuous efforts at walking on the Mr. Diabetes® Wake Up and Walk® Tour have earned him the President’s Challenge Active Lifestyle Gold Award.

“The goal of Defeat Diabetes Foundation is to inform the public that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented in 75% of all cases. An active lifestyle is one of the cornerstones to prevention”, said Mandell.

“Because of technology we live a more sedentary lifestyle than our ancestors and we need to be more physically active. But exercise has negative connotations for many people. That’s why the President’s Active Lifestyle Challenge is such a great program. First of all it’s FREE!!! There’s a list to choose from of over 100 “sports” activities from archery to yoga and everyday activities, such as walking, house cleaning and gardening, which count towards Active Lifestyle Awards”, he continued.

Mandell earned his Active Lifestyle Gold Award by walking 10 – 15 miles each day. But, even small amounts of activities can add up. The President’s Challenge website: guides you step by step through the process. You simply log on every day, or every few days, to update your computerized record. They provide you with kudos along the way and provide a series of awards to keep you motivated.

There are currently 73,685 individuals participating in the Active Lifestyle program online (and many more participating offline) and an additional 50, 565 individuals participating in the cranked up version of the President’s Challenge for Champions. The President’s Challenge has distributed over 17,000 awards; only 1,600 of them in the Gold category.

“It’s a great way to get started with being more active and not thinking about it as exercise. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my years on the road with the Wake Up and Walk Tour it is that you have to take this stuff one step at a time – and this is a great place to start”, concluded Mandell.

The Mr. Diabetes® Wake Up and Walk® Tour is sponsored by Defeat Diabetes Foundation, of which Mandell is Executive Director. Defeat Diabetes Foundation was established in 1990 and is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Defeat Diabetes Foundation is dedicated to early identification, information and education regarding the benefits of health and fitness in the treatment of diabetes. The focus is on the much-neglected areas of fitness, nutrition and self-management of the disease in conjunction with appropriate medical monitoring. Defeat Diabetes Foundation supports public information programs through direct mail, the website, a free Defeat Diabetes® Screening Test(s) for schools program, the E-Lerts™ Newsletter (free monthly), the Mr. Diabetes® Wake Up and Walk® Tour, and more.

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