Mr. Diabetes Home Fitness Program – Arm Busters

This exercise is considered an “isometric exercise”, meaning you’re using your body to move an unmovable object.  Here, you’re creating this unmovable object by stepping on your belt; you are the unmovable object.

The idea of this exercise is that you create your own level of the intensity you want to “pull” against and can adjust that level as you go.  Of course, the greater the intensity, and the length of time “holding” at that intensity level, the more benefit of the exercise.

NOTE:  Diaphragmatic Breathing is still a very important aspect in this exercise.

HOW:  1. Loop a belt (rope, towel, etc.) and place it over foot.  Then, step on it.
            2.  Wrap the other end around your hand (the same side as the foot stepping on the belt).  Make sure the belt is long enough so that you can vary the angle of your arm for a TOTAL ARM WORKOUT.   

  1. Pull on belt for 15 seconds at full intensity. Keep foot firmly on floor.
    4.  When finished with one arm, switch to the other and repeat STEPS 1-3.

[VIDEO Arm Buster]

BENEFITS:  1.  Strengthens hands.
                   2.  Develops strong forearms.
                   3.  Develops biceps.

                     WEEK ONE:       5 Times for 15 seconds each time.
                     WEEK TWO:       7 Times for 15 seconds each time.
                     WEEK THREE:   10 Times for 15 seconds each time.
                     WEEK FOUR:     12 Times for 15 seconds each time.
                     THEREAFTER:    15 Times for 15 seconds each time.

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