Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – calf raises

This exercise can be done almost anywhere that has even a single step and a support for balance, such as: a railing, a wall, a lamppost if you’re doing it on a curb, or even a tree if you’re doing it on a large tree root, etc. 

The diversity of locations to do these exercises is one of the many advantages of The Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program.

HOW:  1.  Stand erect.  Face the stairs.  Place the balls of your feet together
                on the edge of the bottom stair (as if about to do a “back dive”
                from a diving board) and control your balance by lightly holding
                on to railing or wall.
           2.  Allow your heels to drop below step.
           3.  Exhaling, slowly raise up on your toes.  Pause.  Inhale as you
                lower yourself to original position.
           4.  Point toes out at 45 degree angles, heels together.
           5.  Repeat STEPS 2 & 3.
           6.  Point toes in with heels out at 45 degree angles.
           7.  Repeat STEPS 2 & 3.

[VIDEO Calf Raise]

BENEFITS:  1.  Develops calf muscles thoroughly.
                   2.  Increases lower leg strength.
                   3.  Outstanding foot strengthener.

SCHEDULE:    WEEK ONE:      1 SET       10 lifts each position
                      WEEK TWO:         1 SET       15 lifts each position
                      WEEK THREE:      2 SETS     15 lifts each position
                      WEEK FOUR:        2 SETS     20 lifts each position
                      THEREAFTER:      2 SETS     25 lifts each position    


REMEMBER:  Diaphragmatic Breathing is an important element for this, as well as all your exercises.  But, also, it’s important to breath this way for every breath you take IN YOUR LIFE!!  Yes, it’s that important!  Be sure to breath in through your nose and out through your mouthSEE PROPER BREATHING

Together We Can…Defeat Diabetes®

Your Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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