Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Cobra Stretch

This stretch requires more strength than the other stretches; do what you can.  In time your strength will grow.  Be patient.

This is a very demanding stretch and should be approached with full concentration and cautiously (as with all other stretches – only more-so).  For one thing, you’re doing the NECK STRETCHES you did at the opening of the Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program, except you’re doing them from a different position.  Also, this is the first of all the stretches in which you’re arching your back; all other stretches have had you stretching your back leaning forward (bending at the waist) or to the side(s).

HOW:  Lie flat on your stomach with legs straight out behind you with your feet in the “instep” position.  Legs, if not together, should be close to each other. 

Placing your hands shoulder width apart and slightly in front of your shoulders, press up your upper body.  Make sure to keep your lower body (from your hips to your feet) on the floor at all times.  Now, perform the NECK STRETCHES as described in that section.

However, in addition to the NECK STRETCHES routine, we’re adding 2 more stretches:  while keeping your body straight look back at your feet first over one shoulder, then the other.  Do this in a slow, smooth motion 5 times.  Wait :30 seconds and then repeat.  (Allow your shoulders and back to move although, your hands do not.)

VIDEO Cobra Stretch

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