Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Crane Stretch

This simple stretch involves the entire back of your body.  Starting from your elbows to your shoulders, down your back, glutes, hamstrings, calves and down to the heels of your feet.

For the most effective results, let gravity do all the work.  As you bend forward at the waist keep your arms folded but relaxed so that your arms “swing” forward allowing your elbows to point toward the ground.

Remember to breathe properly, exhaling to a 4 count as you bend forward.  Hold position.  Then, inhale to a 4 count as you straighten up to   starting position.  Repeat.

Now, doesn’t this feel–oh so good…?!

Reminder:  DO NOT lock your knees. To avoid injury allow some flexibility in your knees.  By doing this you’ll absorb strain on your body.  The more you “flex” the more body strain you’ll absorb.  It’s your body’s shock absorber–and you control it!

Crane Stretch Video

Together We Can…Defeat Diabetes®

Good Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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