Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Figure 4

The FIGURE 4 stretch focuses on your back, your upper leg(s) [waist to knees] and your feet.  Even though the sitting stretches emphasize the same areas, it’s clear that they do so in a variety of directions.  This is important because to strengthen and reinforce these areas will provide the best possibility of remaining injury free when exercising and/or any other time.

And, of course, always make sure you’re breathing properly; diaghramatically (aka Buddha Breathing).  Inhale through the nose (4 count) and exhale through the mouth (4 count).  Be sure to fill the bottom of your lungs, first by pushing out your stomach – then, fill the rest of your lungs.  You should always breathe this way, whether or not you’re exercising, as doing so will improve all aspects of your life; exercising, playing sports, playing a musical wind instrument, it will help lower stress, your everyday activities because now you’re getting the maximum (and the best) oxygen to your entire body.  Even while sleeping you are most likely breathing this way because it’s the natural way to breathe.

Video Figure 4 Stretch

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