Mr. Diabetes Home Fitness Program – Handgrips

This exercise has a few hidden challenges, not that the exercise, itself, isn’t
challenging enough.  What I’m talking about is the importance of maintaining an erect position and being strong and well planted on your standing base.

There’s a tendency to adjust your posture to compensate for the strain of holding out your extended arm.  You may find yourself leaning at the waist in the opposite direction from the extended arm.  This is anticipated because your arm gets “heavy”.  Avoid the tendency to let this happen.

One important habit I’ve been frequently mentioning will help here: 
Diaphragmatic Breathing. Remember the rhythmic breathing:  inhale slowly through your nose to a 4 count, followed by an exhale slowly through your mouth to the same 4 count.  Repeat throughout the exercise.

HOW:  1.  Stand erect with one arm straight out to the side while holding a
                full four page spread of newspaper at one corner and between
                your thumb and index finger.
           2.  Using all your fingers crumple the newspaper into a small ball.
           3.  Now, squeeze the ball for the length of time stated in SCHEDULE
           4.  Repeat with other hand.

[VIDEO Hand Grips]

BENEFITS:  1.  Strengthens shoulders and all arm muscles, wrists, hands
                        and fingers.
                   2.  Increases stamina in fingers, hands and wrists.
                   3.  Improves dexterity of fingers.
                   4.  Tones tendons and ligaments of forearms.

SCHEDULE:        WEEK ONE:          1 Minute
                             WEEK TWO:         2 Minutes
                             WEEK THREE:      3 Minutes
                             WEEK FOUR:        4 Minutes
                             THEREAFTER:       5 Minutes  

Together We Can…Defeat Diabetes®

Your Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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