Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Knee Rotations

The KNEE ROTATIONS stretch addresses the critical knee and ankle joints.  Don’t skip doing these stretches and be mindful of them as you perform them. 

The knees & ankles are a delicate network of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, fluids and bone that work in synchrony to support ALL your weight and, so, must be very strong.  But, more than that, and equally as important, they must also be extremely flexible to be able to maneuver you over and around all the twists & turns we all face in our daily lives.  For example:  up & down stairs; in & out of your car; bending over to pick up dropped items; playing sports; jumping rope; even sitting into a chair or getting up from it; etc.  In short, these joints are involved in practically every movement you make.  Respect this fact!!!

By doing these stretches, you are not only protecting these joints, but you’re also strengthening the areas around them.  This gives added support to the joints by absorbing some of the stress most movement(s) create.

A WORD OF CAUTION:  make sure your medical team is aware of your intent to do these stretches.  They will be able to determine the amount of “stretch” you can comfortably handle.  Keep them involved with your progress.  Be careful NOT to let your rear end drop below your knees beyond a 90% (ninety degree) angle to your knees.  This is important (for everyone) in order to avoid unnecessary stress and, as a result, injury.

Knee Rotation Video

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