Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Leg Spread

You are now beginning the sequence of floor stretches.  All the stretches you learned to this point are applied, here, in the LEG SPREAD.  Even though the greater focus is on your lower body (waist, legs & feet) you’ll feel the interconnected areas from your neck down.  This is important in order to get the maximum benefit of this stretch.  Go slowly and deliberately as you involve all parts of your body and enjoy the feeling as the endorphins kick in.

ALWAYS breathe properly:  At the start, and each time you return to starting position, inhale to a 4 count in through the nose and exhale to a 4 count out through the mouth as you extend into the stretch.  And, even though you’re sitting on the floor, still do your diaphragmatic breathing (aka Budda breathing).

Do this stretch 3 times.  To affect different muscles, tendons & ligaments form a different foot shape each time:
   1. Curl back your toes.  This is called the “ball” position.
   2.  Point the sole(s) of your foot to the floor and your toes outward.  This
        is called the “instep” position.
   3.  Press your Achilles Heel to the floor, point your toes to the ceiling and
        push out your heel(s).

It’s important to continuously extend the spread.  This is a gradual progression over time.  Although, make an effort to broaden the “spread” between each change of the foot position.

Leg Spread Video

HELPFUL HINT:  What I do to measure the increase of “the spread” is take a yard stick and measure the distance between my heels at the start.  After each change of foot position, I do it again.

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Good Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®


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