Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Outer Thigh Stretch

There’s a lot happening in this relaxing “feel good” stretch.  Even though the focus is on the OUTER THIGH, it’s equally targeting the buttock cheek of the same side.  Secondarily, but equally important, are the areas of lower back, groin and inner thigh – all necessary to properly stretch the primary target area(s).

The position for this stretch is a natural transition from the BUTTERFLY STRETCH (left leg is bent at the knee and foot is tucked close to body at inner thigh).  Your right leg is extended straight back behind you.  The foot position (right foot) is either on the ball of the foot or the “instep” position (toes pointing straight back). Keep your head and back straight-up; it helps to keep hands on the floor and push. Now, settle your right side buttock cheek to the floor – feel and enjoy the stretch to your outer thigh AND the right cheek!!  Hold for :20-:30 seconds. Switch sides.  Repeat (this time also switch the foot position).

REMINDER:  ALWAYS breathe properly (diaphragmatically) – it’s part of the deal!! 

Video Outer Thigh Stretch

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Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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