Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Squat Thrusts

This particular exercise involves your entire body.  In order to properly perform it you must pay attention to all the mechanics of it. Focus your mind on what you’re about to do, and do that focus in detail – each movement is important.  And, of course, remember to breathe correctly (Diaphragmatic Breathing).

As always, check with your medical team BEFORE you begin ANY exercise
program.  They will help you determine what you’re capabilities are.  It’s a wise person who knows their limitations.

HOW:  1.  Stand erect with feet shoulder width apart.     
           2.  Arms relaxed at your sides.
           3.  Squat down with your palms flat on the floor between
                your legs, elbows against inside of your knees.  You
                are now on the balls of your feet.
           4.  Kick your legs back so that your body is rigid in PUSH UP
                position.  Do one PUSH UP.
           5.  Reverse the steps so that you jump back to SQUAT position,
                then back to starting position.

[Video Squat Thrusts]

BENEFITS:  1.  Strengthen legs.
                   2.  Builds Stamina.
                   3.  Develops reflexes.                                            
 4.  Coordinates arms with legs.
                   5.  Great overall conditioner.

SCHEDULE:    WEEK ONE:     5   Times 
                      WEEK TWO:       10 Times
                      WEEK THREE:     15 Times
                      WEEK FOUR:       20 Times
                      THEREAFTER:      25 Times 

Together We Can… Defeat Diabetes®

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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