Mr. Diabetes® Home Fitness Program – Squats

This exercise will test your strength, your balance, your coordination and your focus because of the many body parts that necessarily come into play
at the same time.  Then, add diaphragmatic breathing to the mix – there’s a lot going on, here.

As always, and before beginning any exercise program, check with your medical team to get clearance to perform all the exercises.  Know your limitations

HOW:  1.  Stand erect with feet shoulder width apart.
           2.  Keep feet flat on the floor.
           3.  Inhale (through your nose) as you slowly lower yourself to a
                SQUAT position.  From waist extend arms straight out as you
                lower yourself.  Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor,
                NOT BELOW HEIGHT OF KNEES.  (Knees are bent at a
                90 degree angle – NOT MORE!)
           4.  Exhale (through your mouth) as you slowly raise yourself to
                starting position while bringing hands back to waist.

[VIDEO Squats]

BENEFITS:  1.  Develops total leg strength.
                   2.  Builds endurance.
                   3.  Builds energy.
                   4.  Improves metabolism.
                   5.  Stimulates circulation in extremities.  

SCHEDULE:      WEEK ONE:       20 Times                                           
                        WEEK TWO:       30 Times
                        WEEK THREE:    2 Sets   20 Times
                        WEEK FOUR:      2 Sets   30 Times
                        THEREAFTER:     3 Sets   30 Times

The guide above is there to help you establish a base to progress from, not necessarily a required rule. Let your own body be the ultimate guide as to how you establish the proper base for you.

Together We Can…Defeat Diabetes®

Your Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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