Mr. Diabetes® Represents U.S. for Diabetes Awareness in Kuwait

Participates in U.S. Department of State Program for Information Exchange

Madeira Beach, FL – Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and Kuwait is no exception. With diabetes rates in Kuwait approaching the 5th highest in the world, the U.S. Department of State initiated a program for Kuwaitis to exchange information with American diabetes expert, Andrew P. Mandell, Executive Director of Defeat Diabetes Foundation.

Mandell, also known as Mr. Diabetes®, was selected because of his personal experience as a Type 2 insulin-dependent diabetic, 21 years as Executive Director of Defeat Diabetes Foundation (a non-profit charity on a mission to prevent and manage diabetes), and his epic eight year, 10,000+ mile walk of the U.S. perimeter to raise awareness about the disease.

He maintained an extensive speaking schedule during his visit, including presentations to students and faculty at Women’s College for Sciences and Technology in Jahra, Gulf University for Science and Technology, American University of Kuwait and the Access English Language Micro-scholarship Program (AMIDEAST).

Additional presentations included the AWARE Center, a select group of religious leaders at Kuwait’s Grand Mosque (available on YouTube), The Dasman Diabetes Institute (affiliated with the Joslin Diabetes Center), other medical professionals and a meeting with Ambassador Matthew H. Tueller. Media coverage was extensive.

“Kuwait is, unfortunately, replicating the diabetes growth pattern of the United States and now has a full blown diabetes epidemic,” said Mandell. “But, it isn’t too late for them to turn it around.”

“The Kuwaitis are a smart, vibrant people with a real love for family. They really understand they have a problem and that they must personally get involved to turn this problem around. The key is working with the kids to form healthy eating and exercise habits they will carry throughout their lives,” continued Mandell.

Mandell presented material about the importance of early identification of the disease and a nutritional diet featuring plenty of fruits and vegetables, limited amounts of whole grains and lean proteins, and plenty of physical activity.

He also emphasized the importance of avoiding the fast food trap and sugary beverages, which is a problem in the U.S. and Kuwait.

Mandell has also participated in a U.S. Department of State sponsored digital diabetes conference in Eritrea, Africa and served as a peer reviewer for Department of Defense diabetes grant programs.



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