Mr. Diabetes®Home Fitness Program – Glute and Hamstring Stretch

Here’s a “feel good” stretch that offers a huge benefit to your glutes and your hamstrings. 

HOW:  Lay flat on the floor and press the small of your back into the floor.  Grasp your right leg from behind the knee with both hands and pull your leg back to your chest.  Be sure to keep your left leg flat on the floor.  Hold for :20 – :30 seconds.  Then, switch legs and do the same thing for your left leg.  Repeat.

Helpful Hint:   To maximize the effect of this stretch push out the heel of your foot.

VIDEO Glute and Hamstring Stretch

ADVANCED STRETCH:  AFTER having performed this stretch (as described above), and from the position of when your leg is pulled back to your chest, and with your heel pushed out, relax/release your grasp on your leg and slowly straighten your leg to reach to the ceiling. The key to getting maximum benefit (and avoiding possible injury) is to do this slowly.

And, of course, proper breathing always improves the stretch.  

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Your Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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