Mr. Diabetes®Home Fitness Program – Leg Sprints

REMINDER:  Always check with your medical team before beginning ANY exercise program!!!

You have already warmed up and completed your stretches.  You are now ready to tackle the exercise(s).  The description below will give you the information you need to understand the importance of this exercise.

HOW:  1.  Assume the position for floor PUSH UPS.     
           2.  Without moving your hands alternate driving your legs forward so
                that your knees touch your chest.

BENEFITS:  1.  Exceptional wind conditioner, as it involves the entire
                        respiratory system.
                   2.  Great for losing weight.
                   3.  Helps prevent constipation.
                   4.  Helps develop body coordination.  


            (1 time is when you have done both legs 1 time)         

                     WEEK ONE:     1 Set      30 Times     
                     WEEK TWO:     2 Sets     30 Times
                     WEEK THREE:  3 Sets    30 Times
                     WEEK FOUR:    3 Sets    40 Times
                    THEREAFTER:  3 Sets     50 Times

As you can see, there is a modest increase in the challenge as you develop consistency and strength. 

Even though your benefits will start right away, the visible long-term results will appear only after time and consistency. Always keep in mind that you are changing your lifestyle for the better – new habits take time to develop.                              

[NOTE:  The above schedule is only a guideline.  Always pay attention to what your body tells you and stop when you feel you have reached YOUR limit, or before.] 

[VIDEO Leg Sprints]

Together We Can…Defeat Diabetes®

Your Health,

Andy Mandell – Mr. Diabetes®

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