Sustainable Solutions are the Key to Preserving Our Health, Our Planet, and Our Future

The ways we as a world population have been living is completely unsustainable, with wide-reaching consequences for our health, our planet and our future. Our programs and content focus on the long-term environmental, social, economic and health impacts of our choices.

At least 20% of global carbon emissions come from agriculture. Forest clearing for farmland, crop production, and livestock, are the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint of the agricultural sector. Deforestation also leads to habitat and biodiversity loss.

An estimated 50% of the planet’s habitable land is used as farmland. 38% of the Earth’s total land area is used for agriculture. Unsustainable agricultural practices leads to approximately 12 million hectares of land to be lost to desertification each year.

Over the past 40 years, nearly 50% of marine life has been lost. This is due to climate change (which includes sea level rise, rising temperatures and ocean acidification), wastes and extraction, tourism and unsustainable fishing practices. 


The Consequences of an Industrialized and Globalized World are showing themselves within the Human Body and the Ecosystems of the Planet

In developed and industrialized countries like the United States, incidence of Diabetes and related conditions such as Obesity and Heart Disease, have been rising over the past several decades, a product almost exclusively of dietary and lifestyle choices. Originally considered a “disease of affluence,” Diabetes now crosses all divides, and has become pervasive within poorer communities and minority populations.

These trends are no longer confined to the developed world, however, and Diabetes now finds itself as an unquestionable Global Epidemic. Soaring Diabetes rates within developing countries has accompanied increasing trends of Urbanization, Global and Industrial food systems, Sedentary and Stressful lifestyles and especially the consumption of Processed and Refined foods.


Type 2 Diabetes and related global epidemics can be prevented through conscious decisions that preserve both human and environmental health.

We at DDF support sustainable and conscious solutions that aim to prevent diabetes, as well as tools and guidelines that enable the early identification and self-management of the disease. We believe that the health of the human body and the health of the planet are intricately connected, and promote programs, content, research and initiatives that emphasize the values of locally grown fresh foods, outdoor activities, mindfulness, community participation, global awareness and responsibility.


At DDF We Aim to Provide Conscious and Comprehensive Resources for Sustainably Maintaining Health, Happiness and the Environment


Your support can help us defeat type 2 diabetes across the globe.