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About Defeat Diabetes Foundation

For nearly 30 years Defeat Diabetes Foundation has supported conscious and sustainable solutions aimed at preventing, identifying and managing diabetes.

Diabetes is a rapidly rising Global Epidemic. By 2030 it is projected that more than 500 million people around the world will be living with this pervasive killer.

At DDF we recognize the highly preventable nature of diabetes, and believe in effectively self-managing the disease whenever possible. Through an integrated approach to dietary and lifestyle choices, most cases of Diabetes can be prevented, and many existing cases can be treated in ways that better promote overall health.

We pride ourselves on being a transparent, community based, grassroots-funded certified 501 c(3) non-profit organization that is beholden to no special interests, corporations or government entities, many of which themselves are self-perpetuating.

DDF provides objective and progressive community-based programs, original content, and up-to-date news and resources for existing diabetics or those at risk. We strive to do our part in supporting socially and environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions for a planet and growing world population increasingly within the clutches and consequences of globalization, urbanization and industrialization. Through this approach we fight to accomplish our mission of Defeating Diabetes.